We Are Not Alone

The pair of bright star-like features in the upper panel are not stars at all, but the Earth and Moon! Messenger was at a distance of 98 million kilometers (61 million miles) from Earth when this picture was taken. 



Creating a spectacular and invasive Gordian Knot, Henrique Oliveira plays with Palais de Tokyo’s architecture, allowing a work that combines the vegetal and the organic to emerge. The building itself becomes the womb that produces this volume of “tapumes” wood, a material used in Brazilian towns to construct the wooden palisades that surround construction sites.By Henrique Oliveira


Linli Ma. Nº 1. Oil on canvas.


The White Desert, Egypt

Formed by centuries of erosion and sandstorms, The White Desert features unique calcium rock formations that crop up across the landscape like great abstract statues. Some of the well-recognized monoliths have been given names like “mushroom”, “ice-cream cone,” and “the Monolith.” Only in The White Desert will you encounter such a bizarre and awe-inspiring natural museum of chalk-rock.

Many people spend a night camping in the desert with Bedouin guides, where they can observe the changing faces of the monoliths as the bright sun of the afternoon sinks into a shadowy dusk. As the sun goes down, the calcium sea seems to reflect all the fuchsias and oranges of the sky.

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Square root of 912.04… is 30.2.


Who rules? Weirdos rule.




sebastian errazuriz | metamorphosis

chilean born, new york-based designer and artist sebastian errazuriz’s ‘metamorphosis’ bookshelf is hand carved from baltic birch plywood. it was created for the exhibition of his furniture work ‘beautiful premonitions’ which opened april 28th, 2011 at the cristina grajales gallery in new york. originally based on the thick ivy that he used as natural shelves for his childhood garden toys, errazuriz collaborated with woodworkers from the horm furniture company to develop the piece entirely in italy.

i’m sure it’s thousands and thousands of dollars, but want.

I’m not saying these are the BEST bookshelves ever, BUT THEY TOTALLY ARE YOU SHUT UP.


The Amazing Spider-Man #311, January 1989, cover by Todd McFarlane

“you were strange, you were different … “


Robert Barry


Titti Garelli. Vanitas. Acrylic on wood.


Karolina Gorzala in “Cosmic Gamma Ray” by Fauke Fischer for REVS Magazine, July 2013


Julien Spianti. Study for “Matriocha”. Oil on canvas.


Flying Swarms of Everyday Objects by Thomas Jackson


Helena Hauss.

Ball point pen illustrations by Helena Hauss:

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